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Important new security measures

  • all food taped on kennels must be in a clear bag secured with clear tape
  • only small bags of food will be acceptable
  • all health certificates must be in a clear packing envelope
  • as always no toys or medications may be put inside or taped on the kennel
  • only bedding material, food and water containers, and animals allowed in kennel
  • all other items will be removed and discarded
  • we recommend you do not send registration papers with your shipments

Proper size kennel

animals must have room to stand up and turn around. dogs and cats must have a minimum of two inch clearance above the top of their head/ears will standing in their kennels. >>>snub nose breeds and snub nose mixes must have three inch clearance above the top of their head/ears will standing in their kennels. undersized kennels will not be shipped by pet air. kennels with doors on top of kennel are not acceptable. when in doubt use larger kennel kennels must be made of hard plastic with ventilation holes on all sides. collapsible or metal kennels are not acceptable. clamp together kennels are not acceptable. several airlines now require the top and bottom of the kennel to be fastened together with metal nuts and bolts. clamp together kennels are not accepted by many airlines and are not recommend for use by pet air, inc.

Food and water cups

all kennels must have at least one food and one water cup dual cups are acceptable cups must be securely fastened to kennels. snap on cups have a tendency to come off and may cause shipments to be turned down by airlines.

Address label

all kennels must be clearly marked with shipper’s name, address and phone number. also consignee’s name, address and phone number.

Live animal labels

all kennels require a live animal label on top of kennel. and a live animal label with arrows pointing up on the back or side of kennel.

Last time feed and watered

all kennels must be marked with the last time and date the animals were fed and watered.

Health certificate

all shipments require two copies of a health certificate that is no more than ten days old. one copy must be attached to airbill. and one copy attached to the kennel.

Acclimation statement

if temperatures are below 45 degrees anywhere along the route of your shipment you may need an acclimation statement from your veterinarian if the airline you are shipping on requires one. when below 45 the acclimation statement must state the lowest temperature the animal is acclimated to.